Best hookup bar toronto

best hookup bar toronto

Is Coquine Midtown’s best bar for single women over 35?

If you’re not afraid to venture out of the downtown confines, have a thing for Thursday night cocktails and are a single over the age of 35, midtown’s Coquine could be your next go-to.

Wheres the best Ossington bar for 30-year-olds?

The circular central bar is ideal for interaction; so come ready to be “on.” Ossington’s newest watering hole, Oak Island, is where to go if you’re looking to mingle with fellow 30-somethings over specialty cocktails, sexy lighting and 70s and 80s-inspired décor.

Wheres the Best Patio on Front Street to have a drink?

Now that the warmer weather has finally decided to grace us with its presence, the patio at Front Street’s O & B Café Grill is bustling once again with the city’s movers and shakers and the wannabes, all of whom have a special spot for post-work cocktails and booze-fuelled conversation.

What are some cool bars in your 30s?

Strawberry Moons is full of teenagers, 20 somethings or 40 year old men trying to pick up younger girls. Im assuming you are not in the latter. One quite cool bar where most people are in their 30s is Drink, Shop, Dance.

Wheres the best night out in London for mature adults?

With incredible cocktails, live swing music and a seriously cool atmosphere, leave the kids to their ballpit bars and head over to this New Orleans inspired joint in Shoreditch. For a mature and classy London night out, 68 & Boston are top of the pack.

Where are the oldest pubs in London for age 30-50?

Re: Decent weekend pubs/bars/clubs for age 30-50 The oldest pub in London is Ye Olde Mitre just off Leather Lane. At one point it was considered to be part of Cambridgeshire because its on land historically owned by the Bishop of Ely. Rumour is that the licence used to be granted by Cambridgshire County Council, but I have no idea if thats true.

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