Mentoring dating couples

mentoring dating couples

Do mentoring couples have good marriages?

“Mentor Couples have good marriages —not perfect or trouble-free marriages. A mentoring Couple has experience in building a life-long partnership and are willing to share their efforts. They are not couples who are professional counselors or marriage experts.

What should I talk about with my mentoree couple?

We suggest checking with your mentoree couple at the outset to determine whether it would be an appropriate subject for discussion. If they would prefer to skip this one, simply move on to the next topic. Do you regularly talk with each other about the physical aspect of your relationship?

What can you do to support a younger couple?

• Share your stories of married life with a younger couple. • Be a mentoring couple to a younger couple. • Help them strengthen their marriage and reap benefits for yours.

How should I address my mentee couples?

You may want to address each question, pick and choose, or add questions of your own. It’s also important to remain flexible — if your mentee couple wants to explore a different subject instead, we’d encourage you to set aside the scheduled topic and go with the flow.

Why should you become a marriage mentor?

Chances are you have turned to this guide because you’re about to enter a mentoring relationship with another couple. Good for you! As marriage mentors, you have a unique opportunity to support and strengthen this couple in their love for and commitment to each other.

Can mentee couples become best friends with their mentor couples?

For example, mentee couples should not expect to become best friends with their mentor couple; it may happen, but it may not. As a program administrator, it is important to obtain feedback as to how the marriage mentoring sessions are progressing.

What is marriage mentoring 3?

Marriage Mentoring 3 Background Marriage mentoring is a marriage education strategy that pairs an experienced couple alongside a younger couple to help them navigate through the ups and downs of their relationship. The amount of time the two couples stay connected varies, but generally averages six to twelve months.

What is the best book on marriage mentoring?

The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring: Connecting Couples to Build Better Marriages; The Foundation for Healthy Relationships, Zondervan, 2005 (For ideas on addressing the specific topics described above, see Appendix 3.)

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