How do you hook up sway bars

how do you hook up sway bars

How to install travel trailer sway bars?

How to Install Travel Trailer Sway Bars. We have given you the first step already, but here is a reminder. Make sure the sway ball is centered on the hitch bar. Then attach the ball 1 ½ inches forward and 5 ½ inches outward from the hitch ball. Step two is to attach the handle to the car or tow vehicle.

Do all sway bars hook up the same?

Also, each of the different brands of sway bars, especially the weight distribution models, all have their own way of hooking up. What was listed above only works for certain types and is not the procedure for them all. So, make sure you get instructions and a demonstration to help you avoid an injury to yourself.

How do I adjust my sway bar?

Tip 8: One of the adjustments you can make, and it will indirectly help the sway bar perform more effectively, is managing your tongue weight. Make sure your tongue weight remains between 12 and 15 percent and your sway bar should not have as much trouble.

How do you measure for a sway bar hitch?

Measure the distance from the sway bar to the body of the car, and it’s right if it’s about 4.5 inches. Make sure that the bar is parallel to the body, and then tighten the bolts to attach the coupler of the bar to the hitch ball.

How to install an anti sway bar on a travel trailer?

Travel Trailer Anti-Sway bar Installation Tips 1 Raise your vehicle-make sure to get it high enough off the ground to work safely on it. 2 Now you remove the end links. 3 Next, you need to remove the 2 supporting bolts holding the muffler to your car. ... 4 Next, remove the bolts holding the sway bar bushing strap. ... More items...

How to choose the best sway control system for your travel trailer?

For example, if you have a large and long-pull travel trailer, your best option will be a dual-cam sway control system. Other popular options include friction sway control bars, two-point sway control bars, four-point sway control bars, and electronic sway control systems. As for the tools, you will need a ratchet and a torx bit.

How to install a sway control ball on a tow vehicle?

Create a sign on the side part of the tongue that corresponds to the side part of the tow vehicle’s tow bar, wherein the sway control ball will be installed later in the process. (Optional)

How do you attach a tow package to a trailer?

Step 1: Pull the tow vehicle and trailer to a level spot on the ground. Keep the trailer tongue linked to the tow package and securely secured in place. Step 2: Align the sway control ball connected to a shaft with a hole combination in the tow vehicle’s tow bar by positioning the ball’s post with the whole variety.

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