Disston dating

disston dating

How do you date a Hamilton Disston Saw?

We can date pre-Hamilton Disston saws to a 25-year period (marked H. Disston, 1840-65), post-Hamilton saws (marked and Son, 1865-71), and post-Albert saws (marked and Sons, after 1871). We can identify saws made after 1875 because they have domed cap screws instead of split nut fasteners. One medallion has the 1887 Glover patent date on it.

When did Disston change its name to Disston and Sons?

The company changed its name to Disston and Sons in 1871. This medallion often appears on saws with the one son etch, making it the first medallion to feature the word sons. It still features the old-style split sawnuts that were used until about 1876.

How old are Disston medallions?

Most medallions dated from the 1840s were more likely made in the 1850s. The number of Disston saws on E-bay that have been advertised as 1840s production, based on information from the Disstonian website, exceeds the first several years of Henry Disstons output.

Whats new at the disstonian Institute?

The new timeline in the Disstonian Institute will have two columns of photos. One for full-sized saws and the other for panel saws and backsaws. Another change is in the order and dating of several of the pre-Civil War medallions. Research is showing Disston backsaws had their design changed significantly over several years in the 1840s.

Do Disston saws have a date stamped on the handle?

For a short time in the 1870s and 80s, some Disston saws had patent dates stamped into the handle. Every other date must have been derived by a medallions presence on a saw that was introduced or discontinued by a certain date, as evidenced by its appearance in or disappearance from the product line in a dated catalog.

How long is a Henry Disston&Sons Philada crosscut saw?

An old Henry Disston & Sons Philadelphia crosscut hand saw, fitted with a decorative shaped Beech handle. The medallion is marked H. Disston & Sons, Philada TPI: 6 Blade length: 26 Condition: the blade is straight, all teeth present, the saw would benefit from a sharpen, the top han...

How old is this Henry Disston back saw?

Henry Disstons backsaw design changed dramatically over a span of five to eight years during the 1840s. This handle from a 16 saw has typically English full cheeks and a hook at the top, front of the handle. Baker estimates the date of this saw to 1842.

When did the Disston and son saw come out?

Often saws from the mid to late 1860s feature a Disston and Son etch on the blade and the earlier eagle medallion with only Henry Disstons name. The materials that were in stock were used even if the names on them were not up-to-date. One son medallion, 1865-71. This is found more frequently than the previous medallion.

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